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Leaf Guard Systems


Seamless Gutter System Installation

Titan uses the LeafGuard gutter system, a unique gutter system that provides seamless one-piece installation. The ‘one-piece’ installation is essential because that one piece includes a curved hood built in the eavestrough. What that means for our customers is there is no need for messy attachments — aftermarket covers and screens that can damage your home’s roofline.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Time-saving

Because LeafGuard is constructed with one long sheet of extruded aluminum, there are no unsightly seams in the system which constantly need welding or caulking over time. And you can take leaf and debris removal off your autumn and spring chore list. LeafGuard eavestroughs also come with a clog-free guarantee throughout the life of the system. 


Protect Your Building or Residence with Leafguard

With a Leafguard System in place, you can rest assured your building or home is safe from water damage as the result of broken or damaged eavestroughs or gutters. Prevention is a lot less expensive than a high repair bill.

Contact Titan to learn more about installing a LeafGuard System and protect your commercial building or residence from water damage.